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About us

The DESAIR-company is known for more than 25 years because of its aerial-photographs of excellent quality. It has been established by us - Heidi (†2014) and Heinz Leuenberger in 1987.




We take the photoraphs in analogue mode using mid-format-cameras.  Afterwards - according to a customer's requirements - we digitalize slide and negative films on high-end scanners in the requested size and resolution. Picture extracts and large shape fotos  are possible in many variations. From 2012, we also use DSLR-cameras with fullframe sensors.

We actualize our aerial-photography-archive (since 1985)  on-the-fly. Landscape pictures, e.g. jura, midland, and alps or many details in architecture, planning, construction, environment, traffic, energy, gravel, clay, and recultivation are available in various layouts.

All digital and laboratory work from flight-commisions or orders-from-the-archive are executed carefully and to terms.

We  would appreciate to consult you by phone or mail. You will get a picture selection according to  prior mutual agreement..